Entrepreneurship Talk

David Duwe reports about starting KlinikumPlus. Amit Tyagi and Jaqueline Brinn talk about their experience with Startify7.

David Duwe, Founder and Chief Sales Officer
Medical Media MMG GmbH

KlinikumPlus – or How to Find the Right Doctor

The idea behind KlinikumPlus is a simple one: In our daily life we have the choice what to buy and where to go. In order to differentiate between a good and a bad offer, we consult our family, friends and - more than ever before - online-based information.

But why not in medicine? Have you ever tried to compare four specialists in a medical field interesting to you? Have you ever experienced the situation where a good friend came to you asking “I look for a medical expert for XYZ, do you happen to know one?” and your only answer was “I’ve never had that particular need before. Sorry, I really don’t know.”

In nearly no other area, we find such a huge gap in information flow as we do in medicine. We can compare hotels, life insurances, cars, etc. But when it comes to our health, how do we proceed then without giving up our identity and will to make the right decision?

This is how KlinikumPlus, about 8 months old as of today, was born…


Amit Tyagi, Jaqueline Brinn
Participants Startify7

Stepping into Entrepreneurship: An Experience worth Sharing

Many of us have entrepreneurial spirits, which propel us to dive into entrepreneurship. However, there are several factors which prevent us to go further. This talk will be about an experience: stepping into entrepreneurship, which might inspire you to take a right decision about your entrepreneurial career...

Both speakers took part in Startify7, a Horizon 2020 project from the European Commission aimed at training young future ICT entrepreneurs in Europe.

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